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    Thumbs up Badlands ATV Accessories

    Over the winter I bought a Badlands tank bag to hold random quick access items and my buckmark when cruising for bunnies. Long story short I could not secure the tank bag to my liking. There is simply too much plastic on a KQ around the airbox and on the side panels to anchor the bag. I had a few ideas which included quick release snaps. After a call to Badlands they shipped four snaps and a generous length of strap for free in my efforts to secure the bag. In the end nothing worked and I was disappointed. The tank bag would work great on many other atv's just not the KQ.

    I voiced my situation with the manager of the ATV accessories division. He offered to exchange the tank bag for another product. I jumped on the offer and asked to exchange the tank bag for the fender bags. The difference in price was $35 and I offered to pay the difference, but he insisted in a straight swap. SWEEEEEEET! I received the new bags on Monday and through them on the atv. So far I couldn't be happier with how they fit. It's perfect for a camera, binocs, extra ammo, water, gloves, and so on. The magnetic closure of the fender bags is nothing short of awesome.

    There backpacks and atv products are a tad more expensive then competitors but the customer service has been great. No questions asked, lets make this right, made in America type companies are worth the extra expense if you ask me.

    only 1 of the 2 bags
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    I hope they are water proof.......

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    your wheeler called, said it needs a bath

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    Quote Originally Posted by atvalaska View Post
    your wheeler called, said it needs a bath
    You think that's bad...wait 'til you see a pic of Grem himself......
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    I just ****, showered, and shaved two days ago. I should be good to go for about 12 days. Actually, I took the picture after I rinsed off the wheeler. I just didn't bother to scrub the plastic. It's an atv, they're suppose to be dirty.

    I have resized this photo 3 times in photobucket but it will not refresh to a smaller, more managable, size. Oh well...

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    Here ya go.
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    Let me know how those bags do after they are covered in mud? (Closures/zippers/magnets) Seems like a bad spot to have em to me. Hope I'm wrong.

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    Took a ride out to Knik tonight. The lower bag was half way submerged while crossing Jim Creek and still bone dry on the inside. I'm not concerned about mud, water was the main concern. When the magnets close the cover shuts with force, it literally snaps shut. The fit is tight.

    I'll give the bags a good shot with the hose and see how they fare.


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