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    Just finished my bear hunt in Port Lions a few days ago. We were only there for 6 days but put in our hours. Unfortunately for us, we didn't have access to a boat so we were limited to four-wheelers on their "trail" system. My buddy had a few nice attempts at jumping some streams but didn't quite make know the picture...the front tires dig in on the otherside throwing the driver over the handlebars, but he catches himself with this thumb stuck on the throttle, mud still kicking up from the back tires. hahaha

    Back to the hunt we only saw 4 bears, one pretty blonde bear but he was only about 7.5'. None of the bears were really worth taking. We heard of a local using a boat and only seeing 5 bears. Are these similar results for everybody because of the heat? I know this wasn't typical Kodiak weather in early May. We would get up early everyday and glass hillsides, have a siesta in the heat, and glass until dark. We hunted Viekoda bay on the North side and Port Bailey valley heading to Kupreanof. We didn't move around a lot trying to limit our scent as much as possible. Just wondering if this was typical, or if the bears were down in the shade of the trees? Woudl we have been doing right any other year when the weather was more typical or were we a little late? Just trying to figure things out is all. Any info you guys can give would be appreciated.

    Had a great time, saw beautiful country. I am from Southeast Alaska and Kodiak is definitely different. We will definitely be putting in for permits the upcoming years. Going to have to bring a trout pole though next time. Do any of you have recommendations for where to try and draw permits from?

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    I have hunted Fraser Lake, Dog Salmon River down to Olga Bay over to Red Lake, up to O'Malley Lake, Karluk River, Uganik Lake, Afognak Island. All 10 or 14 day Brown Bear hunts, and one time we saw "NO" Bears. and another time we saw only one bear just as the pick-up plane arrived, and it was in a unget'able location. It is called "HUNTING" for a reason. If one enjoys the the HUNT Experience, that is what they went for, they should feel proud to have walked where GIANTS walk.......


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