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Thread: Help from Ketchikan Hunters?

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    Default Help from Ketchikan Hunters?

    Hello All!

    I am heading down to Ketchikan later this week for a 4 day work trip and I am wondering if its worth it for me to bring my rifle for some deer hunting? I struck out on moose AND caribou this year and am looking for some venison to fill the freezer with. I will be in the Carlanna Lake area for the survey I am conducting, but will have some mobility along the road system. I am aware that you must be 1/4 mile off the road system to take any big game, and I am prepared to hike/climb to hunting areas.

    Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Default above the lake

    There is hunting in the area. Or hike in on one of the many trails in the area.

    The 'rut' is starting to get into swing.


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