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    Default King Rod

    Well I am a month out to my Alaska trip and have just looked through my assortment of muskie rods and to my dismay all my longer muskie rods are all one piece and will cost me a freaking arm and a leg to ship and be an pain in the back side to travel with.

    So can someone suggest a good two piece rod (between 40 and 80$). I will only be using the rod for this trip. I will be fishing Clear Creek so it is going to have to have some backbone so I can put the binders on when need be. I wish I could find one of the IM6 or IM7 rods in a two piece but they are all one piece... I would like to have it be a rod for a level wind reel but can be talked into a spinning rod.

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    1) South Bend Trophy Tamer.

    2) Berkeley IM-7 Air if there are still close-outs... else their replacement IM-8's.

    3) Kunnan makes a decent 8.5 footer rated for 20-25# test.

    4) Also check out the Shakespeare Intrepid series

    I'd bet B&J in Anchorage has one or more of these in stock.
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    Really? A trip to AK with only ONE rod?? Dude... I've made many trips with my rod tube (7 ft +) and it really isn't that tough; tons of guys traveling from Minneapolis toting them along.

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    Default Cabelas Fish Eagle II's

    Medium heavy casting rod 8-10ft length. These rods will take alot of abuse and have never failed me. Plus it'll goive you an excuse to run down to Owatanna.

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    Talking IM7

    Wish you were here? I just picked up an IM7, 8 1/2' medium at Trustworthy hardware in Soldotna for under $50. I don't know if they will be anywhere near that price when you get here, but they definitely carry them and they are two piece.


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    Default ugly stick

    I like Ugly sticks for 'airport rods'. Plus when you get back home and go Muskie fishing you can loan it to any clumsy friends, and/or kids.

    Fine sensitivity, and casting distance is not usually a requirement for King fishing - if one hits it you'll usually know.

    Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your trip to AK.


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    Default buy local

    If it is gonna be the only time you use the rod, Pack your favorite reels, and buy a rod when you get here. when you are done with your trip, sell it to someone on the shoreline, to get half your money back. Sure beats paying the airline to ship something both ways.

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    Default musky rods

    I actualy use a teliscopic musky rod its 7ft 6in made by fenwick rated for 30lbs and is less than 6 ft when colapsed no problems geting on to a plane


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