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Thread: taking apart my paddle

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    Default taking apart my paddle

    This sounds stupid.... but every time I put together my 4 piece paddle, I can barely get it apart. Seriously, I am not a sissy, its just tough. Last time I even applied some KY and it still was rough. Am I missing something? Does every time I break it down need to be like me pulling exalibur from the f-ing stone?

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    Angry Same here!

    Mexico hotel trying to pack to get on the plane, no tools in hotels, bit of a panic. I think I am going to have to grease mine, it's rediculus! Salt water must glue em' together.

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    Default paddle

    Are you taking them apart as soon as you are done?Your paddle should fit together and be snug, but should come apart.
    When I take my IK I use a breakdown, it is werner desperado,and what a great paddle.

    If it is that much trouble, take it back.
    G Luck MO

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    I let the paddle part stay together in the rental car trunk for about a week or so trip, I break it in half after each use, the middle is easy, paddle ends are the issue.

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    It is an aqua bound I bought at alaska raft and kayak.... I just don't want to go back and them to tell me I am a sissy.... maybe I need more hand exercises... one and two and one and two and one....

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    Mine is the same brand and purchased from them also. They stick no doubt, time for grease!

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    Default My technique

    I have a four piece Aqua-Bound too. I've had pretty good success with putting the blade between my knees, triggering the lock, and then twisting the shaft until it frees up enough to pull off.
    I can't figure out if it's the salt or just water in the socket, but they sure do get stuck sometimes.

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    Smile Aquabound 4-piece paddles

    Quote Originally Posted by theronn View Post
    This sounds stupid.... but every time I put together my 4 piece paddle, I can barely get it apart. Seriously, I am not a sissy, its just tough. Last time I even applied some KY and it still was rough. Am I missing something? Does every time I break it down need to be like me pulling exalibur from the f-ing stone?
    No... the issues your having will relate mostly to the the less expensive (read as still not cheap by any stretch) 4-piece paddles that have a 2-piece coated metal aluminum shaft and the fiberglass reinforced nylon blades.

    What is happening on these paddles is that 'yes they are supposed to be tight and wobble free', but the aluminum used, ferule material, and nylon blades do not flex quite evenly (you will not notice while paddling) yet when it's time to take it apart your dealing with somewhat slightly incompatible materials, memory, and temp differences between the two.

    On the fitted ferules... You never want to introduce more problems by adding oils or grease.
    that will only attract dirt, sand, and so on.

    It is also not the salt unless your paddling the Dead Sea or something like it.

    Make sure before putting the paddles together that all male/female connections are de-burred, smooth, & clean... that likely goes without saying... but you'd be surprised how many raft oars people show up with having the same problems and nearly destroy a perfectly good oar, blade, or both over it.

    Biggest real world problem if/when it occurs on your 4-piece paddle is that you can damage the paddle reefing or banging on it to pull it apart. Damages like cracked blades, ferules on shaft spinning or pulling out (usually slightly but occasionally completely), bent or sheered off push connections, bent shafts, and the most common major dents go to the top of each side of the blade by the hammering effects of yanking it between two fixed objects.

    This winter, I had one of my paddles serviced by local vendor and Aquabound. Upon a blade finally being replaced for some bubble flaws leading to one easily cracked blade in cold water,,, plus the locked slightly spun/pulled ferules issue... just before I got my hands on the new fix someone very mistakenly - yet quite knowingly made the decision to rent/lend my paddle out for somebodies trip to the Sea of Cortez recently hence the very instance of hammering between two fixed objects to pull it apart did new damage. To say the least, I was not pleased - that's not right... but other than some cosmetics the paddle will work fine.

    If you continually experience problems with your 4-piece --- take or send it back to the vendors and note the particular details, cost, and timing of services needed. You may get lucky and get a new one! Note that many vendors you will buy from online or local do not paddle kayaks and have never used a nice 4-piece. Fixing one is best kept to the original manufacturer (with maybe a warranty) and not a sandpaper, file, hammer, and wrench-set quick-fix.

    I really have had mixed reviews on the less-expensive Aquabound paddles... they are what they are... you so often get what you pay for in paddle sports. I'll say you will have problems with 2+ out of every 5 of the aluminum shaft nylon blade Aquabounds. The common issues will be the ones mentioned above. The new owners (my interpretation) of Aquabound are slow with repairs and do not stand behind the product as the original ownership once did in my experience. On a very positive note tho' --- I have never had any issues with the more expensive glass shaft and carbon reinforced bladed paddles like the Shred from Aquabound.

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    Default RIP first paddle.

    For the last month, my 4 piece paddle only came apart at the connection of one blade. There was NO was one person could take it apart and with two people ( two strong athletic males ) it felt like a miracle if we got any movement at all. To transport a paddle like this in a jeep wrangler can be.... aggravating.

    Leaving the Red Gate lot I was no more than 100 yards from the rope and I got out of the Jeep, grabbed the paddle, threw it in front of the Jeep, and proceeded to drive over it and back over it again and again. When I got out to investigate the scene, I saw it was not broken, and so I picked it up and proceeded to prop and stomp it in what seemed like a death rage. I was kinda like Edward Norton in American History X only not racist.

    When I was younger, I watched my dad in a similar fit destroy something. I remember the lesson was "Sometimes something has to break before it can be replaced." Needless to say, my paddle looks like a pretzel right now as it sits easily in the back of my jeep... it is broken.

    Does anyone have any recommend a paddle where this won't happen again?


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