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    I apologize if this has already been posted. I've seen this same thing happen when my brother was shooting at some heavy steel plate with his AK-47 (semi-auto version) and steel-core bullets. One shot came screaming back towards us (luckily it missed us) and we heard it whine through the air for perhaps another couple hundred yards behind us...


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    Unbelievable video...I've seen it before, but it never ceases to amaze me how lucky that guys was.

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    Oh, I spose that Ole Smitty will hafta put in his 2 cents now.

    I was shooting my 22 Mag. Savage rifle from a kneeling position at one of them targets that go round and round when you hit it. It has a large and a small disk so if you're not good enough to hit the small one, you can try hitting the beeg one.

    Anyways, I had a lead fragment come back the distance of 25 yards and hit me in the leg. I thought, "what was that"? Then I noticed the lead fragment there in the gravel, and I picked it up and looked at it, but at the time it didn't connect, so I dropped it.

    I didn't see any Flying Saucers, or kids with rubber bands, and was still uncertain as to what had happened. My hind leg kept stinging so I pull my pant leg, and there was a tiny spot of blood, there just under the skin. Then I realized what had happened, but I couldn't find the lead fragment again.

    That seems to me, like a long way for a ricochet to travel, but I've learned from the experience. I now make it a practice, to always wear pants when I'm shooting.

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    My cousin was playing around with some steel core boolets popping holes in various thickness pieces of steel plate. It was a lot of fun until he drew a bead on one an old Nike missile cart about 50 yards away. He knelt down and squeezed of a round. He saw dust fly off the piece of steel head a whistle and something bit him on the calf. He reached down to find a hole in his jeans. Conveniently located under the hole in his jeans was a matching hole in his leg! Same deal as the video above I would bet the steel core did a near dead 180 and burried it's self in his calf muscle. The doc initially just sewed it up but he ended up having it removed later since it bugged him when he was hiking.

    Best part is he shot HIMSELF at 100 yards!
    We still give him heck because HE is the largest animal that he has ever shot despite years of hunting.
    Did I mention that after almost 30 years of hunting alaska he finally shot SOMETHING and still failed to kill it? (thankfully)


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