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Thread: Great trip with Spare Change Charters!!!

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    Thumbs up Great trip with Spare Change Charters!!!

    Went to Anchor Point on Sunday and had a great trip with my wife. Spare Change Charters Captain Jim and Dennis do a GREAT job and are the nicest people. We went on their combo trip for Kings and Halibut, in the water at 6:00 am and out about 3:00 pm. Everyone on the boat limited on both Kings and Halibut. The Halibut were a little on the smaller side, but we did better than most others I heard on the radio that day. GREAT TRIP with all the attention on having a good time and catching fish!! I would recommend their operation to anyone out for a great day. 907-235-2704

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    Default Good Risk Management

    Four of us were booked with them on Friday and needless to say, the weather was against us.

    Other charters were out, getting the crap beat out of them and lucky to catch anything.

    Jim and Dennis did a great job coaching us "not" to go out. How many other guys with boat payments would turn down a full boat...only a few.

    Look at how good they treat their gear and boat. It all looks brand new!!!

    I'll be going with these guys again anyday.


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