Just a heads up for all kayaker's coming to whittier whether your kayak in on the roof of your vehicle or on a trailer there is a fee to launch. $10.00 round trip or $25.00 for 3 kayaks. This applies even if you launch from the rocks next to the launch ramps or on the launches. Anywhere you put your kayak in, if it is in the perimeter of the whittier small boat harbor, there is launch fee. The harbor can impose fines for those who do not comply. If you are unsure where those perimeters are feel free to contact the harbor office. The staff is always happy to help, so no one gets a fine. Happy kayaking whittier harbor phone # is 907-472-2327 ext 115
p.s. There is only 2 hrs free parking in the haror area. If you are going out for a longer time do not forget to pay for parking. $10.00 a day 12midnight to 12midnight