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Thread: Problem or no problem?

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    Default Problem or no problem?

    Ok so we have a new bear stand up and we have yet to have so much as a dang squirrel touch that barrel. I am being eager beaver or is it legitimately still a bit early? I figured with this warm weather something would be around? We're in an area that has had decent success in the past but are we doing something wrong that is making the bears not come in?
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    Smile move?

    We once set up a beautiful bait station hauling out all the food and equipment all season and never got a hit until the end of the season when we had to haul it all back out. I think its legal to register another bait station also. Or you might consider moving your station. Because I have been in a bad spot before and just wasted all of my time and effort... We were in the middle of the most popular spot in the refuge which was the problem.
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