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Thread: Question for you Honda guys

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    Most people know I like Honda's and know them pretty well and I was perusing Craigslist last week when I came upon this ad for an "05" Honda Foreman. Only problem is, that's not an 05, it's an 04 or earlier model Foreman, yet she insists that's in an 05. If you knew that this was not an 05 and she insists that is, would you buy it?

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    go look at it. crank the handle bars and show them the the year stamp. a lot of folks get stuck on WHEN they bought it not relising it was a last years model.

    if the bike is in good shape buy it.04/05 still good bikes.
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    Wasn't the 05 Foreman the 500 and the 04 was the last year of the 450? That would be the easiest way to know, I think! I just looked at the pic and thats an 04, they changed the headlight on the 05, I had an 04.

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    Yep, Honda went to the 500 and the new suv look in 2005. I'm not going to buy this wheeler, she insists that the title and the vin all say it's an 05 but I know better.


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