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Thread: pws black bear with lice or fleas

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    Default pws black bear with lice or fleas

    shot a bear this weekend in pws. had lots of bugs coming out of his ear they looked like lice but dont. any one out there have the same experience.there were 50 or more around his ear

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    Default Ear mites

    Probably ear mites, Dogs and cats get the same stuff here in AK.

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    I have skinned out a few bears from PWS and have never noticed lice or flees of any sort on them.

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    Bears from PWS do have Fleas. The guy that seals bears in Valdez was eat up from fleas last year from fleshing bear hides that had fleas. I have taken several from PWS and I have never seen a flea. However one of the boars we took this year had something going on in his right ear. Was very swollen and the ear was oozing something that was sticky as glue. I believe that he had mites in that ear.


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    Default Fleas for sure.

    We shot a blackie on Culrose island a few weeks ago and that guy was crawling with fleas! My buddy who shot him, carried the hide back to the boat over his shoulder and was swamped by them. Of course he didn't realize it until the bugs were digging into his hairline and making him itch like crazy. He threw the bear in the freezer and said there were hundreds all over his garage and in the bag he put the bear in. Big ole fleas at that! I shot mine last monday in Cochrane bay and he didn't have a flea on him, thank god! Luck of the draw i guess on the bears out there.



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