I read and understand that many rifle manufacturers "market" these days and claim moa accuracy out of the box for the consumer. Also a test target for proof is provided. What a wonderful marketing tool! But it crossed my mind that they must be using factory ammuntion. If this is the case why don't they, the factory test shooter, include the ammution for which they used in their test to gain moa accuracy. Or at least give some indication to the consumer if they had to test 3 or maybe 4 types of ammuntion before they found the moa accuracy for the rifle they put together and sent to market for the consumer. How many times have I read in the forum here that a shooter did not get the accuracy they were looking for in the new rifle untill some 6 different boxes later, or with some magical formula for rolling their own. On the other hand I understand too, that some are lucky right from the time the rifle is put together and shot. I also understand that sometimes the shooter will have found a hand rolling formula that will achieve the moa like never seen before. In that same note I know there is a break in period too, but, the test target just showed what an awesome shooter this rifle will be, as the proof target is packaged with the rifle. I just wanted to share some thoughs, as I was just thinking about this.