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    Has anyone had any problems with their rhino fuel pumps? I have a 2007 Rhino 660 that wont start. I washed it in Feb. and it started then, but now it wont start. I noticed that the fuel filter is only 1/8 full, so I assume that it is not getting gas. I opened the screw on the carb bulb and it only a drip of gas came out. Should i just buy a new fuel pump, or does anyone have any other ideas???

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    Use a little B-12 chemtool in the carb. It is more than likely a little varnish given the timeframe. Be sure to throw some Stabil in the fuel to help prevent this in the future. I notice my rhino is slow to start after some time. A squirt of the B-12 will get it to turn over and then it is off to the races.

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    You might also want to change your fuel filter. I have a 07 660 Rhino that would lose power and was not getting fuel. The dealer told me that there was a problem with some of the filters and they had some plastic shavings, for lack of a better word, in the filter that would plug it . I have not had a problem since changing the fuel filter.

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    Fuel filter and check the pickup coming out of the tank. Those are known to get small cracks in them and suck air rather than fuel.

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    the pump had dried out over the winter and we primed it from the output side and the machine ran long enough to fill the carb bowl and get the pump working again. We took the pump apart and it is very simple and really nothing to fail in it except the membrane and gasket and they were fine. It was amazing to see how dirty the air filter was so people should check them very regularly , they are foam so they can be cleaned and reused. thanks for all the suggestions, it was son's machine so we worked together on it and i had time to post this.
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    You might drain the carb bowl of old fuel, install a new plug and then try to start it. Don't give it any throttle as you could flood it. Hope this works. I went through something similar to this a couple years ago and this is what I did to get it going, a 660 grizzly.


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