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Thread: Stalling in puddles

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    Default Stalling in puddles

    OK, fellow shade-tree mechanics, I need a little help here. My son as a 2009 Polaris 50cc ATV, which OCCASIONALLY dies while riding through puddles.

    - Usually, it will fire right back up. However, occasionally, we have to crank it for 5-10 seconds.
    - The water he is crossing is not particularly deep--roughly axle high on him.
    - The stalling does not seem to be particularly correlated with puddle depth. He's done some deeper crossings just fine, while then stalling out on shallower ones.
    - I'm not finding any water or debris in the air box. The air box intake is up near the gas tank, so besides possibly a drop or two of spray, no water should be getting in, let alone through the oiled foam filter.
    - I turned the idle speed up this week, and that seemed to reduce, but not eliminate, the problem. I also drained the float bowl this week, but misunderstood where the fuel would flow out from, so I wasn't able to inspect the gas which came out and ran over my garage floor.
    - Every time when I come back, the kill switch is in the "run" position, so I don't think that he's hitting it.

    The kicker here is the intermittent nature of the problem. I have the machine's shop manual. At this point I'm not sure if this is a carburetor or electrical problem.

    Any suggestions on what I should check? Thanks.

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    I had a yamaha wr250 and it would do the same thing. I found if I went faster through the puddles it would not happen. I learned my lesson after pushing the bike out of puddles or river crossings. I found out that there were many different tubes hanging below the frame of the bike. Well some of the tubes need to be there, such as your carb overflow tube. Well it seems like there was a crankcase vent tube or something like that, it would blow a little air out of it while running. I rerouted that tube up higher on the frame and problem went away. Going faster through the puddles seemed to agitate the water enough to alow it to breath. Hope this helps.

    I realize a WR250 and a kids wheeler are two different things, but it kinda sounds like the same problem. Good luck

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    Default Sucking steam??

    It might be sucking steam. Could it be that when he goes slow not as much water is getting splashed up on the exhaust and engine (deeper water) but when he hits the puddles faster it splashed water up on hot metal and makes steam which then gets sucked in the airbox?

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    Default water to fuel mix too high

    Im with Snyd on this one. If My rhino hits a creeks at full speed it will sputter and even die from the water hitting the hot engine and creating a steam/fuel mixture issue.

    Doesn't have to be alot of steam to foul engine performance!

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    Default spark plug cap....

    how's the spark plug cap? is not uncommon for an older one to have cracks or worn rubber...if you get water on/in them the wheeler will die...usually start back up again just like you said....I have 2 wheelers that did this and that was the problem.....worth a look...
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