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Thread: Where to hunt within unit 14?

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    Default Where to hunt within unit 14?

    This is my first year hunting and for the past two weeks, a friend of mine, his dad and I made two trip to Zero Lake near Wasilla to hunt for rabbits. Sadly, no rabbits were spotted on both the trips which was very disappointing. The first trip to Zero Lake, we got there around 7 in the morning and roamed around til noon. Shot nothing. We went back two days ago a little after midnight because we noticed that rabbits were nocturnal animals but still nothing.

    We are from Anchorage and it would be very much appreciated if someone can point us to the right direction on where to hunt for rabbits within a 100 mile radius of Anchorage that do not require the Certified Hunters Lincense.

    We do not have the Certified Hunters License yet. We only have hunting permits bought at the local Fred Meyers store. I've heard the we need this license in order to hunt close to towns. I know that the Anchorage Wasilla Palmer area are in unit 14 but could not find anything on the Certified Hunter License.

    Any suggestions would be great and Thanks in advance.
    Sorry for the double post. Don't know what happened

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    This link will take you to the ADF&G Hunter Ed website. Most of the requirements for Certification relate to big game hunting and the type of weapon being used. It appears the only small game restiction is in 14C near Eagle River.

    If you were born after 1986 you need basic Hunters Ed for any unit near Anchorage/Kenai or Fairbanks.

    As for your Where To Hunt question, this forum is filled with anwers to that question.

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    Have you hunted rabbits before? They may be there and you are hunting them wrong. Can you give us a synopsis of your hunting strategy and then perhaps you will be more successful in your current location.


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