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    I just got back from boating out of Valdez in my 17' wooly. We were in 4-5 foot waves at one point. Thank goodness for the self bailing bow. We ducked into sawmill bay and spent the night. The next 4 days were pretty calm. We spoted several bears up high but did not take one. The shrimping was great. We ran 5 pots and pulled them about 1/2 to 3/4 full every 12 hrs. We did not have good luck fishing but sure brought home a lot of shrimp. It was my first time shrimping. Is it normal to catch so many? Pictures to follow.
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    I worked down there for about a month a couple of summers ago and we checked our pots every day after work and never did that good.It was about middle of july into august.We moved our pots around quite a bit and tried different depths and baits.We were tring to target the two spot shrimp.

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    dude thats so cool! Ive comtemplated on taking my Phantom down there and never have. Cant wait to see the pictures of the shrimp, thats so cool.


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