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Thread: Where can I find Zep-Alum?

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    Default Where can I find Zep-Alum?

    I need to prep the bottom of my 17 footer before I paint it with Gluvit to stop the dang rivets leaking (can't get to the inside of them or I'd just re-buck them). The bottom is heavily oxidized.

    West Marine doesnt carry it and can't order it either, does anybody else around Anchorage carry it or a similar product?

    Or should I just go to Lowes and get some muratic acid and dilute it down.


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    Default Silvertip in Kasilof

    Silvertip the comm. fishing supply in Kasilof carries Zep-A-lum. I know its a ways from Anchorage but if you are in the area sometime. Just bought some myself for the driftboat sure works great.Can't remember the price though.
    Their # is 283-9244 Randy normally has this in stock in Gallon jugs.
    Hope this helps Chris


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