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    Can anyone give me some insight on deadrise and how it affects seaworthiness, speed, fuel use, ride, etc?

    I see it mentioned a lot as if it is important in selecting a boat, but I don't have the background to interpret what they are saying.

    The boat I am looking at is either a 26ft or 28ft aluminum pilot house with a 12 degree deadrise aft and 40 degree at the bow. The manufacturer claims (and has testimonials) 6gph at 26kt cruise with the D4260 Volvo diesel and great seaworthiness.

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    Wink re: deadrise

    I believe the term deadrise is the angle of the hull measured at the transom. Generally higher degree of angle equals better performance in heavy chop, but sacrifices on the amount of roll, especially when drifting. Lots of trim tab use on v-hulls as well. 20-24 degree deadrise is common on many offshore hull designs. Given the variables on hull transition from bow to stern, only way to know if that's the boat for you is a test drive on a windy day. Good luck!


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