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Thread: Phantom 200 HP impeller....

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    Default Phantom 200 HP impeller....

    Looking at a 2007 Phantom 200 HP, is it possible to tell what shape the impellar is in when it's out of the water? When i have a chance to drive the boat what should I be looking for. It looks like the bottom of the boat has been run hard..

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    very easy to tell....look from the rear past the stator, also look at the stator, if it has been beat to piss you'll can also look through the grate....heck, if i was looking to buy one of those I'd see if the guy would let me remove the impeller and have a look at the sleeve too....should only take 10min or less to get the impeller out......where's the boat located?

    when you drive it pay attention to the rpm's....if you cavitate/spin easily then the impeller need some work....they'll run for quite a while with a beat up impeller and if you've never driven one then you might not even should be able to pretty much give it full throttle from a stand still and not over rev....
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