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Thread: Back from Adak, thanks to everyone who helped

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    Default Back from Adak, thanks to everyone who helped

    Just got back from Adak and wanted to thank everyone who helped me plan this trip, especially AkRay for his photos as well as Jim for all his info. I ended up shooting my cow on the south end of Lake Betty. I planned to camp the first night next to one of the barrels on the island and when I first spotted them they were no farther than 100 yards from the exact spot I planned to camp. If you think that is luck, I didn't get rained on once the entire trip and there was not one cloud in the sky both the first and last day of the trip!! I believe I read somewhere that Adak averages 6 sunny days a year and I had 2 of them! I ended up filling my tag 3 hours into the trip and spent the rest of the time camped out cooking back straps and scouting for this fall.
    Of course my luck didn't end after I spotted the caribou. I was lucky not to have the slightest breeze when I made my shot. I shot her about an hour from sunset and ended up skinning and quartering her under a full moon and clear sky. And I thought the stars were amazing in northern Mn!! The clear sky meant that the temp fell well below freezing which was great for chilling the meat. Although the second and third day was cloudy, it never really got that windy either. And the best part was when the wind did blow, it was at my back going both directions. On the way out there, it blew from the north at 10-15 till shortly before I made my shot. On the way back it was going 20-30 right on my back. Life is good!! Now we'll see if I can go back this fall and get a nice bull. I doubt Adak will be as kind to me the second time around.

    I attached a photo just in case anyone dosn't believe me about the clear sky.
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    Here's a few more
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    Here's a couple more
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    Two more pictures
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    Congrats on your success with the weather and with the meat! Looks like Adak was kind to you this trip.

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    Thumbs up

    Congrats! Good job on getting your bou and taking care of it. Glad to hear the weather and animals cooperated for you. I hope you have as good of luck the next time around!

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    Congratulations and BEAUTIFUL pictures. Great job. J.

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    Congratulations on a successful hunt and adventure!


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    Cool pixs! We have a hunt planned for the end of summer to film. Can't wait to get down there.
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    Default Good for you.

    Nice pictures. Sounds like things were a bit easy on you. Good luck next time there.

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    Default congrats

    Congrats on a great hunt. It sounds like mother nature was on your side.

    For anyone going later, remember two of the six sunny days are used up already.

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    Sure is nice to be able to camp and cook out in the wilds without having to look over your shoulder for mr brownie!! Congrats, she will make some fine eating until this fall.

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    It was nice. I kept the meat right out the front door of the tent.


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