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Thread: I need Lake Louise Advise

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    Default I need Lake Louise Advise

    I am planning a Fishing trip to Lake Louise near Glenallen in mid to end of June. Going with my two teenage sons and would really like to have some success. I have a good small boat (15ft) with a 25 hp outboard and small Lake type downriggers. I will be staying at the State Camp ground and need any information I can get from bait vs lures, casting vs trolling, and especially location location location! I have heard that across the lake where a small stream comes through from another lake is a good area but other than that I no nothing. Have never been there before.

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    Most of your lakers will be caught between 5-15 foot this time of year. Any shiny spoons or flat fish in red and white will kill them. I would stick to hard rocky bottom and close to shore. Biggest we got this winter was 20 lbs with a bunch 12-15 lbs. May want to call john at lake louise lodge and make sure the ice is out.Good luck


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