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    Default Seward

    Plan on being in Seward the first week in Aug. any recommendations for bottom fishing charter/lodging. Thanks

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    Default Seward

    You are picking a great time to fish Seward. Since I have been in the charter business here for 15 years, I can tell you that if you fish with the right guide you will catch salmon and halibut in the same day as well as other bottomfish.

    I am going to list to you a half dozen charters that are clearly among the very best in town. The choice is yours, I am sure if you search "Seward Alaska Fishing" in Google, you will find them all

    Profish-n Sea
    Saltwater Safari
    Glacier's Edge

    Some of these have a little higher success rates, but all in all, on any given day, these are the companies that catch fish. They all offer a little different angle on what is their speciality( faster boats, big fish, better tackle etc. etc.). Take your pick. I would ask to fish with the owner and not a paid Captain. That is always a good idea since it is their compaies reputation at stake every day.

    I am not really pushing my service because, I know I am going to be full every day next summer one way or the other.

    As far as lodging, for a smaller group...2 or 3 Murphy's Motel is one of the best values in Seward. For more than 3 - Nick and Beulah's place is a large log cabin out side of town that for larger groups is a good value( four bedrooms. kitchen etc(907-362-1601). On the high end, The Hotel Edgewater or Holiday Inn Express.

    Hope this helps.

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    2 of the best that I have fished with are Crackerjack and Profish-N-Sea charters. Great boats and they put you on the fish, a freezer full of halibut and ling cod proves they know what they are doing.

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    Did 3 charters with Profish-N-Sea last summer.... all were super.... going back for 3 more in '07....

    However, from what I witnessed, all previously mentioned suggestions are excellent suggestions.

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    Crackerjack charters is a first class operation, clean, proffesional and they get you on real fish not just a limit of chickens.


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