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    Default New here/advice needed


    I'm new here and have a question I hope you can help me with. I'm interested in doing a wilderness/survival trip in Alaska. Basically, I'm looking to bring minimal rations along with a couple of firearms and a fly rod and spend 7-10 days in the wilderness basically "surviving"

    I don't want to go to a place where there will be tons of people but I would like the fishing to be decent. Also, I'm not necessarily against using one of the forest service cabins for shelter. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Are there outfitters who offer drop off camping/fishing etc...

    thanks in advance


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    Grab a 4 or 5 wt fly rod and head down the denali hwy at least 30 miles. Then start hiking up a clear creek. Have fun camping and catching grayling. The fishing will be good but the fish will not be big. There are no forest service cabins that I know of, but as long as you know how to read a map you should be ok. Check land ownership if you think of starting less than 30 miles from the beginning of the road. Have fun.
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    Default Arctic float trips...

    Not sure exactly what you want, but if you are interested in seeing a remote area of the state, I can recommend some float trips that would be relatively safe for solo trips. These would be arctic float trips in NW Alaska about 120-140 miles above the arctic circle. Great fishing for dolly varden and grayling, wildlife (grizzly, caribou, wolf), scenery, and solitude are a given. Solitude meaning for two weeks you are likely not to see another sign of a person, let alone an actual person. Trip timing is paramount. For the trips I have in mind for you, mid August would be the time to go. Generally not below freezing at night, good floating conditions, fishing is pretty hot, and the hunters are not up there yet so solitude should be great. If in the end of August, after about 1 am, you would have a chance at seeing the northern lights. Bring some extra bourbon and gather some extra firewood. It will be the most relaxing night you ever spend. You would need to fly up to Kotzebue. Assuming you don't have your own gear, rent some from Walt Maslen Then from Kotz, you would have a 70-100 mile bush flight to the river depending on which river you were going on. They drop you off on a gravel bar, you float 40-50 miles or so, they pick you up 10-14 days later (what ever you want) at a point downriver that is predetermined. Easy as pie man. Looking at $1600 or so for a round trip bush flight, $700-1000 for raft/gear rental (estimate), and $400 +/- for the flight to Kotz on Alaska Air from Anchorage. Yeah, it is $3,000, but for most it would be considered the experience of a lifetime. My wife and I do it every year. If any interest, shoot me a pm. Float trips are the best way to see Alaska in my opinion.

    Below is a link to some pictures from our recent float trips...

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