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Thread: Off of the grid!

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    Red face Off of the grid!

    Hi guys:

    Just a quick note to let anyone who tries to contact me in the next 3 weeks or so know that I will be off of the grid. Its mud season and its time t for me to get out of Kotz while it dries up. I will be down in Gakona/Gulkana working on my house so If your looking for any gear please leave a message on my web site and I will get back with you in June!

    Time to chase early Kings and stain logs!

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    Default Give me a shout eh

    Hey Walt shoot me a note or give me a shout if your going to be in there past 1 June. I have to fly out my-self to MI in a week for about 10 tens. I could use a good steak at the Lodge and a B.S. session.



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    Will do:

    My place is 3rd drive past the Gulkana River Bridge going north-Copper River side of the road. If you down drop by and lets drink a beer and tell stories! New log home, easy to miss so you have to look for it.



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