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Thread: Poacher Sentenced

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    "..Superior Court Judge John Suddock ordered that for the next 10 years McConnell is not allowed to own a computer or be on the Internet. He's not allowed to practice taxidermy or own guns. And if he wants to leave the road system south of Anchorage, he's got to have the permission of his probation officer..."

    Full Story:

    Nice to finally see a violator get a sentence with some teeth in it..Of course once the appeals go through I bet the sentence get's de-fanged...
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    Thumbs up i agree

    Yeah finally, an appropriate sentence proportional to the long history of crimes. His lawyer ignores the magnitude of the crime. I mean now adays a sheep is worth 10,000 a piece which would make each one a felony and all of those tourists come to Alaska to see those sheep along the highway. All those slap on the wrist sentences probably embolden poachers. I hope this sentence holds also...

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    Wonder when the guns will appear at auction. It would delight me to get them, then take pictures of them being run over by a dozer and mail them to the jerks in prison.

    Hang em high and make em hurt. Bad! Punishment shouldn't stop at the court. We ethical hunters should do our part, too.


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