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Thread: Off of the grid!

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    Wink Off of the grid!

    Hi guys:

    Just a quick note to let anyone who tries to contact me in the next 3 weeks or so know that I will be off of the grid. Its mud season and its time t for me to get out of Kotz while it dries up. I will be down in Gakona/Gulkana working on my house so If your looking for any gear please leave a message on my web site and I will get back with you in June!

    Time to chase early Kings and stain logs!

    Northwest Alaska Back Country Rentals

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    Default how many houses do you own

    Hey there Walt. Jeez how many houses do you own? Kotz, cabin in back country and now this one. Renting stuff must be paying well. Glad to hear it. See, nice guys don't finish last.


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