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    Default prop replacement

    Who deals outboard props in the SC area? Can an alumminum prop be repaired. What is the benefit of going stainless.?

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    I have used these guys:
    A-1 Propeller & Impeller

    210 E Potter Dr
    Anchorage, AK 99518
    (907) 344-7767

    An aluminum prop can be repaired usually. Depending on the size of the outboard, stainless can be very beneficial. They do not flex under power (better economy) and they do not ding as easily. If you hit something solid with SS props, there is a good chance that you will lose a lower unit. I run stainless and will always when in the salt.
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    Default Exactly

    Why I started using Piranha, I know it's saved me money, replace one blade for 10 to 15, and they give when I hit something. And I will hit something if I'm in a boat.

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    Default longevity

    I have used a 40 horse outboard for around 13 years and always had a stainless blade on it. I HIT logs, rocks, etc. in all those years and only lost one lower unit. I absolutely trashed that motor and beat the heck out of the prop and it was always money. I see people here with the aluminum's and the first hit, it is pretty much ruined. My dad used to send out the stainless props every couple of years to have them rebuilt. Keep the aluminum for a back up, buy a stainless.

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    Default Example then 90hp Honda

    1999 Honda 90 horse
    1 each complete prop $ 97.50, 3 blade prop & Hub (Warranty is for life).

    1 each replacement blade $13.30 x 3 would be $39.9

    So basicly for $39.9 you end up with a new prop. And no damage to your lower unit. I have a couple of these that I slammed into things. Look at the shaft size on the output, that 3/4" dia shaft, snap!
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    Have you compared the fuel consumption with the plastic prop vs. a metal prop?

    From the studies I've done, you either spend money on the prop to get the best fuel efficiency, or go with an inexspensive prop that flexes and you burn more fuel.


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