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    Default Bear Hunting Hope

    I was looking into hunting the Hope area in a few days for Black Bear. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions that would help my chances of getting a bear.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    well i am sure HopeinAk will chime in here soon.. so i will just say good luck and in the mean time go rent the movie

    "Wrong Turn" and give it a good viewing.....

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    The short answer is they are everywhere. But you will not see them in the trees, so slow glass all open hillsides that you can get too, (No point of finding or shooting them on the other side of a CLASS 4 or 5 river you can't cross). Mile 5 and 6 (Old Woman Creek & Cub Creek are good open hillsides for glassing.

    Palmer Creek should be gate closed. If your young and healthy the back of Cripple Creek and the upper Porcupine Creek are both productive. This is the last weekend for the lower willow brush country as the leaves are unfurling, and will obscure visibility.

    If you see a moose study area around the moose as the Black and Brown Bears will be eating all the calves they can get, and it is calving time. I have been doing 5 to 6 miles per day on the Power line, and the bears were on the line three weeks ago in the snow, but not now that is is muddy, have not solved that riddle. They can be seen on the beach along Turnagain Arm, careful on the tide flats. If you can get up Palmer Creek, and over into the head of Alder creek, that is as good as it gets, Lots & Lots of open hillsides, no brush.

    Gull Rock trail is a fun coastal hike, I would do it very early, before the "Yuppie" Hikers show up, it is a popular flat trail, in fair condition, a bit muddy. If your into Bushwhacking, continue past Gull Rock, to the Little Indian & Big Indian Country, but that is a overnight adventure, but full of bears.

    Early (First light till 8:AM traffic) Morning on the Hope Road, the bears are eating the new grass, and dandelions on the road shoulders. Kill a Black Bear, and make us both happy. Good Luck.

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    I think I just solved my Power line issue as to where did the bears go two or three weeks ago......? Everyone started Baiting their stations two weeks ago, and those bears are moving bait station to bait station for free dinner. And as most of the bait stations are the same distance off the power line, why waste energy coming back out to the power line, just go direct. Being old sucks, I should have figured that out a week ago. O'well being old is gooder than being dead, yes, I am guessing about that.


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