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    I went to load up some 375 H&H loads with Barnes TSX and my bullet seating cone pulls my bullets back out of the case when I lower my press. I have loaded Hornady and Speer bullets with these same RCBS dies and haven't experienced this problem. It appears that the shape of the Barnes bullet allows the bullet to go further into to seating cone and getting stuck, thus pulling my bullet. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to purchase a new seating cone? Any thoughts guys? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I had this problem loading Mil match 173 gr bullets using RCBS 308 dies. I either sent in the bullet seater for modification, or they just sent me a new one. In either case, RCBS took care of the problem and I never had another problem seating any bullets with that seater.

    I just happen to have their customer service # handy...1-800-533-5000
    My old primer tool just broke and I'm hoping they can supply me with a new part.

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    Sounds frustrating Hewey. I've seated a bucket load of TSX's into 375H&H cases with an RCBS die without the experience you're describing. Clean your die, readjust, and try it again. If that doesn't work, call RCBS for a new one. It shouldn't be doing that.

    Good luck...I'm out of here to go bear hunting!


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    I had the same problem. recently I had been loading 260 gr Accubonds for my 375 H&H, and then recently I found two boxes of 270 gr Barnes XFB at the back of my cabinet and decided to see how they worked.

    When I started trying to seat the XFB's with my RCBS die, they would stick in the seater plug. Half the time they would stick just a little but stay in place, about 40% of the time they would pull most of the way back out of the case before popping loose, and several even stayed stuck in the seater plug and I had to remove the die from the press to get them out.

    I cleaned the seater plug, but that didn't work. What I figured out was happening was that the leading inside edge of the seater plug was a little sharp. This edge would get pressed slightly into the bullets (Barnes bullets are of a softer metal than most other bullet jackets) and the bullets would stick. I chucked the seater plug in my drill and polished the inside edge slightly with 440 grit sandpaper, then Flitz metal polish by spinning it in the drill to keep it concentric.

    No more stick, and the Barnes XFBs shot like a house on fire! I was getting better trajectory with the Accubonds, but super accuracy out to 300 yards with the Barnes, so I decided to shoot the Barnes until they ran out.

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    Thanks for all the help guys. AKArcherdaddy I'm going to give your trick a try and see if that fixes my problem. If that doesn't work I'll give RCBS a call. Don't want to abuse a good thinig with RCBS if a little sand paper will do the trick. Thanks again.

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    I had the same problem with a new 270Win seater die set. I found a small burr on the seater plug, it was hanging up on the bullet when seating. I smoothed it out with 1000 grit wet type sand paper, no more problems.

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    That worked. A little sanding and I was back in business. Thanks again guys.


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