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Thread: Manual outboard motor lift

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    Default Manual outboard motor lift

    Without buying a Prodrive/Mud Motor, I have been trying to find the plans associated with the manual outboard motor lift seen on many canoes. small aluminum boats etc. I know someone out there knows what I am talking have a handle that with some preasure downward lifts by pivoting your motor up. The one I saw last year was on the AF&G guys boat on Rabbit Slough..he had this on this canoe..great little boat..but said the downside was it can wear you out pretty good if you dont have the center of gravity/pivoting point measured right.

    Pretty neat little invention that would come handy with my 15hp on my duckboat...any ideas or plans out there.....are if there is someone that can make one or has one for sale...let me know.


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    We used call them Jack lifts I couldn,t find anything on search, But what i did is buy trolling motor bracket and take the lock out of it, then but a handle on it, on the side pivot, so you could raise it up or down.

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    Default Canoe lift

    "frozen" is the forum member here in fbks that builds these lifts 200-300 $

    here is a thread that may have some helpful info


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