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Thread: When do the Tangle Lakes in denali open up?

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    Default When do the Tangle Lakes in denali open up?

    anyone give me info on these lakes? hows the fishing there after breakup?

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    Default Weather Weather Weather

    Depending on the year and the weather ice out on Paxon, Tangle and Summit can be as late as the first week of June note the words can be as late as first week of June. That is not to say the edges are not fishable just not great boating on most years till Late May / Early June.

    Grayling in the streams, Lakers in-lets & out-lets as well as rocky drop offs around the lake. Lakes turn as the summer goes into the long long days and warmer weather but early in the year the thermal-cline lends it-self to near shore which in turn means Lake Trout can be effectively fished close to shore.

    No smolt out that I am aware of in Tangle lakes however that is not to say small grayling will not work as a meal ;-) for Big Lakers.

    Lots of people use the lakes but if your willing to travel to the back side of no place and fish the creeks you will find ample business to keep you interested.

    You might also wish to consider Land Mark Gap Lake as well as 7 Mile lake both a little more work however both worth fishing.

    Hope the data helps!

    Tight Lines and best Wishes

    Blue Moose

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    I posted a similar question a few days back, here's a link to it. Hope it helps.


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    Default tangle lake has some monsters in it..

    a couple of years ago my family and i were up there for the weekend fishing for grayling and enjoying the weather. we rented a canoe from the lodge and took it out for a spin around the lake enjoying a lazy day. we went to the other side where the lake empties into a stream(dont know the name) to make lunch and the water is soo clear. when we were about 30ft from shore we saw the biggest lake trout ive ever seen in my life swimming under the canoe. the grayling fishing was fantasic. didnt try for any lakers,we only brought light gear for the grayling.


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