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Thread: Does Size Matter?

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    Default Does Size Matter?

    It has been a little quiet, so I will use this time to ask a couple of newbie question.

    On an 18' cataraft:
    How wide do you like (or what is typical) from outside to outside of tube?

    How big of oars would you run for hunting?

    How big of oars would you run for pleasure?

    I asked for the difference between hunting and pleasure, because I have a set of 12' oars (that I think will be nice for hunting) and they are very heavy. Or I'm realy out of shape.

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    I run a standard 72" wide frame. Outside to outside of pontoons is approx. 8'. I also use 10' oars, started off with 9'ers, but went to 10'ers years ago and they work much better with my setup.

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    Default oars

    Hey mate- you are right on with the 10' oars on a 72" frame- Since it is a 18' cat and probably has 26" tubes, i would personally go with the 8" blades to compensate for the extra height from the water.

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    One thing about the 12' oars. They will give you *less* leverage than 10' oars (on the same frame), so they might work for a light load, but will be worse for a heavy load. Also, the blades will feel quite heavy way out there.

    I have a 17.5 cat, and it came with 10' oars. Later I narrowed the frame a few inches and moved the oar stands inboard a bit too, so now I use 9' oars on it. But this is a non-standard setup.


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