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Thread: Ash deposits on the Kenai Penn.

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    Default Ash deposits on the Kenai Penn.

    I was looking to hear how bothersome, or trivial, the Redoubt ash fallout on the KP is in areas such as, Skilak, Cooper Landing, Kenai/Solodotna, Moose Pass etc. is.

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    Default Ash fall

    Most of the Ash fell from Anchor Point south. Nothing to speak of from Soldotna to Cooper Landing.
    Good luck in your endeavors.

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    When was the last ash fall on the Kenai? I flew over Redoubt Thursday and it was spitting out some ash, but nothing major. It was being blown southwest. I was in Cooper landing a week and a half ago and no ash then.

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    Not Kenai, but I was in hatchers pass last weekend and once you get off trail you will start kicking up ash. I did not have a problem with it, but those with alergies or asthma might have to work slowly.
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    Default Kenai

    None in Kenai itself, but some starting just north of the refinery out toward Nikiski. Nothing too bad though, just sucked raking!! I think trivial describes it perfect.
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    Good reports for sure, thanks for the come back.

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    I've been down 3 of the last 4 weekend on the Eastern and Central Kenai Pen and other than some dirty snow in places nothing much to speak of.



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