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Thread: circling around a smell while on a line.

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    Default circling around a smell while on a line.

    While training with my dog tonight I noticed a habit she has that I thought I would share. I was throwing marks for her and after she brought back the mark I would send her to a big pile to pick up a bumper about 100 yards in front of me. At one point on the way out to the pile my dog stopped and urinated. Every time I sent her back to the pile for the rest of the training she would get to the point where she urinated and go around it. She would get right back on line to the pile but she always avoided the area where she peed. I have noticed her doing this in the past with her waste and waste from other dogs. Is this good to let happen?
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    First, I would say to "air" your dog before training starts. So this doesn't occur.
    Urinating in route.....especially during a blind.....
    For me that's a big problem. Makes me wonder how thorough your force to pile work is.
    There are three majors that I reinforce.....which are taught during basics .
    Go, Stop and Come. FTP is part of these fundamentals. Stopping to pee my a lack of focus on "Go". When I command "Back" to "Go" on a blind it means go that direction until I say stop. Popping or peeing would be corrected with "Back" nick "Back" with the collar.
    Flaring a pee spot.
    I would take her out where she flared(her pee) and make her sit in it. Then walk away and send her with a back cast.
    If you are quick enough or even have some available. I would set out some launch chairs on either side of where she peed and make her line through the chairs and over her pee spot enroute to the pile.

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    Default got to agree

    A dog peeing while working is not focused on the job at hand. WL said it all pretty well I think. Make her understand who the boss is.


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