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Thread: How do you keep your fly tying material organized

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    Default How do you keep your fly tying material organized

    Just wondering how everyone else keeps their fly tying material organized. I have been using a small cardboard box but it is over flowing and I end up with bags and feathers all over the place. I was thinking of buying a tackle box but I'm not sure all the spaces are big enough for the different sizes of bags. Let me know!

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    I don't have a dedicated desk, so I use a rolling 7 drawer organizer. They aren't the best quality, but lots of storage and I can keep like items together. Hooks, Beads/Chenile, Dubbing, Rabbit Strips/Hides, Hackle and feathers. I have a tool caddy on top and 3 lexan containers for thread, tinsel, acetate floss, frostbite etc. I use film cannisters with a slit in the lid to organize chenile and small jars for various beads, eyes and coneheads.

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    I have that exact same system for mine...those pull out drawers rock. Have an extra small one for the special stuff...keep the good materials in the freezer (spey stuff mostly).

    I do keep my spools of thread in a little plastic container..would love to have a rack. And bought a cheap desk at office max on sale a few weeks ago for my new fly tying table and storage..the joys of getting divorced you loose all the good toys Use a coffee cup for pheasant tails and peacock feathers and a hunk of foam for my tools..just stab them in.

    Thats too funny looking at that pic again how close to my setup it is!

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    Default desk, ziplocs and rubbermaids

    Man, that rolling organizer looks pretty sweet. I think I just found my next fly tying purchase.

    For the first few years I was tying I used a tackle box to store a lot of my tying tools and materials, along with a small rubbermaid to store larger stuff (capes, hair swatches, wings, etc.). But I out grew the tackle box years ago as I aquired more materials.

    For my bday last April, my wife got me a nice little secretary's desk that has become my permanent tying station. I keep my tools and most used threads, materials, chenilles and odds and ends there. My current method of storing all the rest of my materials is a couple of big rubbermaids and ziploc bags. I group like materials in ziploc bags (bag of marabou, bag of loose/strung hackle, bag of rabbit, bag of bucktail, bag of wool, you get the idea.) And then I just keep all the bags in the rubbermaids. I have a smaller little rubbermaid that's just hooks.

    My wife was going to get me a nice little shelving unit to match the desk for my bday this year, so that I could upgrade from the rubbermaids. But... we split up a few weeks ago (I hear you tradbow ) so it looks like that will have to wait for a while.

    I still have the old tacklebox, which I use from time to time if I'm going to a buddy's to tie or take some stuff into the field. I probably need to clean it out sometime as it's aquired 20 years worth of odds and ends that I never think to dig into.
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    Somebody organizes their fly tying materials

    I also use the same type of cabinet......three of them.


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