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Thread: Thoughts on Gun Control from Dover UK

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    Default Thoughts on Gun Control from Dover UK

    I did my annual UK Europe trip for work the last couple of weeks, and being a bit of a chatter box I managed to strike up a few conversations regarding gun control and a few other topics that aren’t really applicable to this forum, but in regards to the gun control issue, I found myself in a British pub in Dover on a Friday night. The place was filled with 30- something’s playing some crazy cross between snooker and pool, and I ended up striking a conversation with a young couple. After we hashed out the normal “where you from, where you been and were you going” kind of stuff, the conversation took a turn towards the political side…..

    Obama….. not as popular over there as we are led to believe! But I digress….. in regards to gun control, a very attractive 30is Brit gal, told me this…. “well, there is really only two gun control schemes that work…. The one is were nobody has guns, like what we have here in the UK, and the other is were everybody has guns, like what you have there in the colonies. Here in the UK, very few criminals have guns, they have knives, bats and the like, but no guns really. So our normal citizens don’t really need guns to protect ourselves. Frankly most Brits don’t know how to use guns and have no sporting or hunting use for them anyway, so we would be more likely to harm ourselves than put the pisser on a criminal. You Yanks have grown up shooting, everybody loves guns, has guns and thinks John Wayne is the greatest! There is so many guns in your country that they could never get them all, and by the looks of you, you wouldn’t give them up anyway, so everybody might as well have one to even the playing field!

    Naturally I have paraphrased this a bit, but you guys will get the jist of it. Every year I get surprised by our European and UK relatives…… usually for the better. They have the same worries as we do and generally share the same disdain for beurecratic nonsense. Of course I tend to gravitate towards those of my same class and stature (the peasants) so that may have something to do with it, but either way, I figured you guys may enjoy hearing about it…..

    As they say in the UK….. Cheers!
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    My experience there revolved around members of the UK military who knew how to use firearms and most of whom took a keen interest in the subject.
    Of course that is a different kettle of fish, however it would be safe to say that the thousands of active duty members from the UK and the hundreds of thousands of veterans in the UK do know more about the use of firearms than the hot chick in the pub. Just as they also tend to be rather sharp regarding political events as well.
    However , the press in that country would never let on than anything like that was happening.

    My experience here, involved a bunch of civilian male crew members from a crusie ship. I had an official law-enforcement contact with them and they could not stop starring at my duty sidearm. One finally pointed to my Sig 45 as if it was a monster from another planet and in a cracking voice asked "How many people has that gun killed?"
    We had an interesting conversation after that. They eventually agreed that their UK firearms laws worked just fine for everybody except rich aristocrats (royals included) , Islamic terrorist, criminals and members of the IRA.
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