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Thread: Dietrich crossing?

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    Default Dietrich crossing?

    Has anyone spent enough time hiking off the Dalton Highway to know (on average) about what time of year you can hike west of the highway and be able to cross the Dietrich River, which runs along a portion of the highway? I've tried once in early June and it was far too swollen, but am wondering if it might be a go in late June... I know every year is different and it's dependent on the weather, but being able to get an idea of when might help me plan my trip!!!

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    Default Dietrich River Crossing

    For what it's worth it's been crossable every time I've tried it in August and September. I've only tried it once earlier, in mid-July probably. It was really marginal, but it had also been very rainy. Had it been a normal year I think it would have been a piece of cake.


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