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    I just picked up (in a weak moment) a Browning 71, new, unfired in the box for a fair price by todays standards. I also have a Marlin 45-70 in which I use a 475 gr. hard cast, very wide meplate bullet. I can only afford to keep one of them. My goal is to accept an invitation from an Alaskan friend for a moose hunt and cannot make up my mind which of these two lever to keep. I would probably load the 348 with Barnes Original 250gr. Those with similar big game experience, which would you keep?

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    I would keep the Marlin and turn the browning for a profit. If I lived in the lower 48 I would keep the 348

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    Question keep....

    Keep the Browning since you live "state side" most of the time. It is plenty big for moose and bear. It will kill anything and not many .348's are around. Marlin 45-70's are every where and probably will be for a long time. Later on when money permits you can get another 45-70. My 2 cents.


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