Read on Tim Johnson's blog site ( )they're opening a whitewater park downtown Anchorage.

Hey Folks,
Exciting news. It's been talked about for quite some time, but now the initation and developmental process has begun to design and construct an artifical whitewater course in downtown Anchorage on Ship Creek, just above the heavily fished area. The course will more than likely be around 900 feet long and include 7 class II+ to III juicy rapids to practive everything from ferrying, hole punching, surfing, all rodeo moves, rolling, etc in. Benefits to the community will be a safe place to learn to paddle easy to moderately difficult whitewater without undercuts or strainers, a Salmon Learning Walkway complete with bike path, picnic tables, new trees, information displays on & about salmon, and labratory areas for students K-12 & college to conduct experiments and tests. The whitewater park can also be used for Whitewater & Swiftwater Rescue Certification classes, for whitewater paddling and rolling classes, and possibly for a local business to open an inflatable kayak/raft/inner tube tour company at the site to rent out and guide tours to tourists in the summer. The salmon habitat will benefit as well, as major improvments to the erosion and irrigation sediment problems will be put in place. I'm very excited about this project and I hope to get your support in the way of emails of any ideas or comments you have to help make this a reality in the near future. Email with your thoughts. Thanks guys. As always, just trying to keep the community excited in the world of Alaska paddling!

Anyone down there know when its suppose to be open for use or the status of it? Thanks.