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    Greetings all,
    I am currently looking at buying a 2005 Sea Sport Navigator and could do with any information from past and present owners of this type of craft.I am looking to import it to Melbourne Australia were i live for weekend fishing and general boating fun.I have visited the factory were Sea sport and Osprey are made and idealy would love the 24 foot long cabin with the diesel but the way things are going over here i am looking at secound hand and have come across this one and have a few questions i hope you can help me with.The beam seems narrow for the lenght and height and was wondering if they tend to roll from side to side.But mostly i would like to know from someone who owns one how they handle in a rough chop or at any conditions.
    Any help would be great full.
    Regards Chris

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    I never owned one BUT I did build boats there for 5 years. I can tell you the quality and workmanship in a Sea Sport is A1. They work hard to put out a quality boat. From fine glass work (even in places you cant see) to the blue sea panels and heat shrink butts,
    built to last.

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    We bought a new Navigator from Boondocks in 2005. No regrets at all. For us it is a great boat we keep it in Whittier and often run to Montague. I will send you my phone #.


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    I would suggest sea trial it as long as you can if possible keep it on the water and stay on it a few days may be the best way not to be disapointed I recently purchased a used seasport 30 and took it from Seward to Homer and am now dealing with several issues including a water leak. Don't believe what they tell you see for your self mine is a 10-6 beam and rolls on anchor and in following seas. good luck.

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    Used Seasports should be running fairly cheap. Started when chartering was good, and people were selling them to move to aluminum. Now that chartering is bad, people are just selling them.

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    Mine handles like an airplane, when I first got it I thought I couldn't control it, I was all over. Now, after years of practice knowing how to trim it I can run it in some serious conditions and it feels good. It's a heavy weather hull and can take it, you just need to get use to it.


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