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    Does anyone know the best trail to get out to Lockwood Lake??

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    i am assuming that you are talking about snowmachining out there, i have a place just up from luces on the yentna and im not positive but i think there may be a trail in up behind yentna station on the bend somewhere.

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    Lightbulb Maybe????

    Here's the deal !!! Have done about 3 spring flyovers of this area and there are 3 possible way of getting there! But it does not seem that anybody is putting in a trail back there. Out of about 5 years of keeping track of that area I have only once scene 1 pair of tracks back into that lake. They is always a way in, it is just how bad and how much time it will take to do it. It is a great area that it would be nice to open it up and connet 2 tails there. In one side and out the other!!
    Thinking about some lake front back there?
    Give me a PM and I will show you some maps!
    You are somewhere close in the area.
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