For all the new memebers and folks that don't know me
this is the Executive MDA lock up. i was asked to attend for my already active community involvement.

i am co owner and operator of Alaska Monitoring & drug testing. Thats my add in the global discussion forum.

I spend 99% of my time now helping folks with DWI issues. i spend a lot of time educating people on the laws behind the DWI, and the interlock system. as well ... the limits many people are not aware of in regards to drinking and driving...

I have a responsibility to the client to meet their legal needs and requirements..

i have responsibility to the public that demands those that drink and drive not be allowed to do so again..

my goals are first to educate folks so that they never do this again. and second to educate enough people to dramatically reduce the DWI rates here in Alaska. and ultimately go out of business for it..

i can and will say this to any and all of you...

if you drink. you have drove under the influence.

every client has made their mistake... thats why i am here now.

it is this involvement that has led to my invitation to participate in a worthy cause with the MDA.

As a kid i did dance athons ect.... and always had fun...

i have also challenged the Texas corporate,company( Draeger) and employees there to beat us here in AK..

my feelings are that if every one tossed in 2-3 dollars we would blow Texas out of the water so to speak. ( in terms of donations)

so how about it? how big is your heart here in AK? MD is a diseases that strikes the young and can get the old too...

77% of every dollar goes to the kids here in AK.there are parks and events set up for kids with this disease. in the Eagle river, Birchood areas. for kids to attend.

it is ALL tax deductable

how aobut it? are ya all on board? grab your buddy at the other desk at work...get 2 bucks out him or her too...

still reading?

click the link.... time is drwing near
Thank you!!!