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Thread: rowers seat?

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    Default rowers seat?

    Getting ready to put a raft fame together and was wondering if anyone had found a rowing seat that could spin and lock down so that it wouldn't move while you were rowing. Just thinking that it would be a nice option to have. Any thoughts?

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    Default NOt the Best of Ideas

    Not that the idea does not have a place and time but IMO you really do not wish to have a rowing seat that spins at any time not that a true locking system would not work just not a great safety option for the simple fact moving parts tend to wear and break more often than not during the most difficult times.

    That being said again IMO not the best option I would stick to a standard rowing seat for rafting.

    Just my opinion.

    Best of luck

    Blue Moose

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    It's been my limited experience as the oarsman that trying to fish while floating is fultile on all but the slowest of water. The current or wind will rotate the boat or some obstacle will loom ahead. Let others fish or switch with them for a turn controlling the boat.

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    I use a fixed no back tractor type seat. It allows me to throw my back into the oars when needed and it dose not chap my a--. I have to agree with birdstrike, stay on the oars or get to the front of the boat. The oarsman is responsible for everyones safety. Good luck.

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    Default seat

    Well said. hell, i just glue a piece of ethafoam onto my cooler seat and use the dry-bags for a back rest. Thats why my frame weighs 20lb.- never know when a cub is the only way in---or---OUT!!
    safe boating


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