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Thread: Thinking about Selling the boat

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    Default Thinking about Selling the boat

    Well it is looking like my 93 wooldridge is going to spend the entire summer sitting in the side yard instead of running rivers this year. I hate to make payments on something that I probably wont use for over a year so I am considering selling it. I need to get some things done before I put it on the market but I am not there to do them myself like I planned.

    First off the trailer bunks are shot! Who could I take it to to get them replaced? It has the regular 2 bottom bunks and the side loader bunks as well that need replaced. The winch on it is in rough shape and should probably be replaced as well.

    The motor is a 2001 and in good shape (clean and good compression) but it alarms after running for about 30 mins and then shuts off. I need to get that fixed. I think it is due to a faulty sensor and I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with the motor.
    Where in the valley can I get it taken to to get all this fixed? I will not be around to drag it all over the place and I would like to make it easy as possible for the wife to get it done. We are in palmer so the closer the better!
    The boat is a wooldridge AK 17"6", the motor is a 2001 Merc 90 horse jet, The trailer is a 93 galvanized EZ loader.

    Is there a shop near palmer that can both service the Merc as well as make the trailer repairs?

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    Default Sell

    Lujon, maybe instead of trying to facilitate repairs, sell the boat as is with all the problems explained up front. Whoever buys the boat can then take it where they want or fix it themselves. The Wooldridge boat sells itself. Bunks can be purchased and put on easily. Maybe someone on the forum can help with the sale if needed. Good luck and thanks.

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    i sold three of mine ater leaving Valdez,, never looked back.

    those things all seemed to break sitting in the yard.

    B reak
    O ut
    A nother
    T housand......

    unless you use it all the time. sell it . get another when you get home..and plan to stay.
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