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Thread: Potbuilders 'Electra Dyne' Service

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    Smile Potbuilders 'Electra Dyne' Service

    So, I planned on taking my new to me boat out tomorrow to Whittier and do some shrimping. I have been running around like crazy trying to get ready. One of the last things I was working on was rebuilding my old davit so I could mount the new Electra Dyne on it that I purchased from Steve. Before I started welding the davit, I wired it up to watch it run.( Like a little kid with a new toy) I noticed that the plates/wheel did not run true. I called Steve and spoke to him about this. He gave me some suggestions, which I did, but this did not fix the problem. I told him I was hoping to leave tomorrow, and before I knew it he was asking me for my address. I told him not to worry about it. Within 1.5 hours he drove from the valley to West Anchorage. He looked at my puller and exchanged it with NO QUESTIONS. It was just a little factory glitch.I was very impressed. I dont think you would get that from any of the other guys. Just wanted to pass this on. Thanks Steve. Don't get that treatment much anymore.EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Now I REALLY don't know why a guy would buy something different

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    Yep, heck of a guy. He even brought all of my shrimping gear to me at work before the weekend I planned to use it on. Stand-up guy.

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    Thanks Guys!! I just want my customers to be happy with my stuff. We're all in the same boat dealing with some of the other outfits in town, i don't know why folks go back to some of them ?? I never want to get on that S--T list.
    Get that hauler hooked up and go wind up some gear with it, i can't wait to hear what guys think about those haulers.
    Thanks again and see ya in the line up

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    Default E-dyne input

    I bought mine "pre Steve" as in, he was not selling them yet (last year) but none the less it was thru his encouragement and knowledge of the product that I took the plunge.

    As a machinist (and little kid) I had to tear mine apart before trying it, just because! Each wheel was indicated to run true in my lathe and a skim cut taken to ensure they ran together. Was this necessary, absolutly not. These wheels are spun, rolled and punched. Spun to form the dish shape, rolled to form the edge and punched to put the center hole and bolt holes in place. All this work is done in fixtures that give adequate alignment and therefore adequate function. The little boy wanted to run this puppy, the machinist wanted to fix something that was not broke. Long story short you could "tune this thing" till NASA wouldn't recognise it or you can just run it and be content that you are light years ahead of everything else out there.

    Once I saw how these things are moving for him, I commented that we need to have a E-dyne day, maybe a pull off, maybe a style show, no wait a minuite, I'd win that one for sure!

    I'll be in the "neighborhood" with in a couple days and am looking forward to it, it's been a long winter.



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