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    I am new to Muzzleloading....I have T/C 50 cal Hawken replica 1:48 twist
    I know part of my decisions will be made on the range, and I intend to head there this weekend, but I thought I could get ideas for a starting place here from you all.

    What difference in performance is the #11 cap vs. #11 magnum cap?

    What bullet works best for 1:48 twist? round ball, maxi ball, power bullets or sabots
    It seems to me that this is a multi-purpose twist, and can be used with anything but how true is that?

    Black powder or Pyrodex? I lean towards the BP.

    Any advice is appreciated and I look forward to getting on the range and trying it out.

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    You're right, with your 1:48" twist, you can shoot about any projectile you wish. Just vary the powder charge to match the bullet for best performance. If you're just starting out, I'd suggest going with round balls as they're pretty easy on the wallet. In my 1:48" Hawkin I mostly shoot lead conicals, like buffalo bullets and maxi-balls.

    As for powders, go with black powder. Pyrodex has a pretty high ignition temperature and you might not get the best ignition with #11 caps. I use to shoot 777 out of my flintlock (4Fg BP in the pan) with good results. But when I switched to Goex BP instead of 777 I definitely noticed an improvement. With 777 there was always a "hint" of a delay in the ignition, with Goex there's no delay whatsoever (nothing perceptible to me anyway).

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    Since you are evidently new to shooting your BP rifle. I would suggest you start with a couple of boxes of TC maxiballs and some BP if available if not Pyrodex will work. Get some experience with it first. Maxiballs are pretty inexpensive compared to the more modern Hi-velocity sabotted bullets. Use those to get the basics down and then if you THINK that they won't produce the results you desire switch to another bullet.There are 2 or 3 weights of Maxiballs in your caliber don't be hesatant to try them all; you'll see the difference in both recoil and group size.
    If they shoot like mine does you might not want to even consider another projectile; Heck you might want to start moulding your own.
    I've never had a problem with a standard cap and GOEX or Pyrodex. I haven't however used any of the NEW BP substitutes and don't have a clue what their ignition requirements are.
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