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Thread: Lab with a really gross habit

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    Unhappy Lab with a really gross habit

    I have a 9 month old who eats the poop of my older dog. I've tried several food additives without luck. I try to watch him when he's out so he's learned not to do it when I'm there but if I get busy and forget to go out with him he makes a bee line for it. I've done the research. I know this is a fairly common dog behavior. I don't think it can be trained out of him. So my choice spend the next 8-10 years fanatically cleaning the backyard and still getting a face full of poop breath every so often or find a new home for the puppy. This behavior FREAKS me out. When he comes in with it on his breath I want to kill him I get so mad. I no longer feel any affection for this dog. I KNOW I'm the bad one in this situation, he's just being a dog. I hate the idea of finding him a home on craigslist or something. I'm afraid he'll get moved around from home to home as people move. I think he might have hunting potentional. He's real calm for a puppy, no fear of the vacuum or other noises. I was hoping to find an experienced lab owner, someone who knows what they are getting in to so he's more likely to have a forever home. Any ideas for groups I could contact?

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    Default Separate

    Have you tried to separate the pup from your older dog? Maybe letting the pup go to a place without another dog would be beneficial. I am sure you have read up on this. So you know that it can be a learned behavior, OCD, Stress, lack of vitamins and so on.
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    My dog picked up worms from eating cat droppings buried under the eves of the house. Once the worms started working on her she started eating all kinds of stuff to "calm" her stomach and bowels. One of the items she prefered to eat was her own scat.

    My vet gave me a product called "Forbid" that worked. There is not much in the stuff compared to what you buy off the shelf at Petco. It was also cheaper than the stuff from Petco. The dog did not mind eating it on her food and did not eat her scat even after she ran the course of the treatment.

    I still had to fence of the eves since she still likes the "tootsie rolls" buried under there.

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    Default Crime of poop eating.

    I dont' really understand getting rid of a dog just for eating poop.Ours prefer moose and cat over each others. Separating the dogs is a good idea. Keeping a yard clean with only 2 dogs (2x 2 poops a day) is not that hard or fanatic. In our case especially at 9 months we put the dog in a place where he cannot do something like digging or eating poop and it fixes itself. Get a kennel kit at Lowe's or Home Depot , about $300 and put it on patio block about $50. Tarp the top, support the tarp with a sheet of plywood. That is were the dog stays when you are not watching him. He won't like it but you'll solve a whole lot of problems as you train him to be a good dog. By winter he should be much better.

    If you don't have time to train then this is a good time to find him a new home.

    A lot of male dogs end up at the shelter at 8-12 months because people can't handle them. I love them at that age but our kennels are full, 4 dogs. I have to go out and scoop.

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    feed your dogs some msg about a small spoon in their food, and the pup with the bad habit will soon stop.
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