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Thread: .300 WSM 180gr Federal Powershok ammo

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    Default .300 WSM 180gr Federal Powershok ammo

    Despite its relatively lower price this ammo shoots better (significantly better BTW) in my rifle than "premium" bullets like the Barnes TSX and Nosler Accubonds in factory ammo.

    For those of you who have used this ammo- does this bullet hold up and perform well on game? I'm thinking it would be fine at a distance but what about up close at near muzzle velocity?

    I had high hopes for the TSXs but they shoot terribly in my rifle and the Accubonds are only just passable.

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    If you are talking about the bluebox soft points, yes, I have used them on antelope in the 300 WSM. They were deadly but antelope aren't much of a test. They are not bonded bullets and will fragment a lot. I did a Texas heart shot on a buck and rcovered the bullet under the hide of the front shoulder. It wieghed 93 gr... about 52% retention. They will do well on most game, but would be my first choice for large bears.



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