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Thread: River fishing and Tides

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    Default River fishing and Tides

    Kenai Penninsula - What is the best time to fish for Kings. High tide, Low tide, outgoing, incoming?

    I learned a lot last summer/spring (call it what you will) fishing for Kings in the rivers of the KP. I think that I could have maximized my catch and minimized my time if I would have paid more attention to the tides.

    So - what is better?

    I don't mind relaxing and soaking eggs or throwing spinners at high tide, but I like throwing my fly rod and personally think that is more effective for catching the mighty King.

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    You'll find patterns of maximum fish movement from two hours before to two hours after high. Often this will be a cyclical maximum (in trerms of exactly when the biggest movement occurs) that varies slightly with the cycles of spings & neaps.

    Low slack also can provide some increased flow ... but typically under higher flows rather than lower.


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