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Thread: Valdez fishing?

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    Default Valdez fishing?

    My friend from Fairbanks has purchased a 28 foot boat that sleeps 3 but he is not much of a fisherman. We will be in Valdez 23-30 May hunting bear in Prince William Sound.

    I was wondering what fishing might be available at that time of the year?

    Can you shrimp at that time of the year? How about clams?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Halibut and rockfish, though the buts might not be that far into the Northern sound. Remember Ling cod season opens July 1, so you gotta throw em back. Shrimping is open, this year a permit is required, free, but you gotta pick one up.

    I haven't looked at a tide chart to see if the clamming will be good or not.

    Not to discourage you, but there are large portions of the sound that have pretty slow fishing, especially early in the season. So don't be discouraged if aren't finding many fish.

    Bear hunting should be good with the spell of warm weather we've had.

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    You won't have to go far for bear if its anything like last year at that time. NW side of the bay just before the narrows...drop some pots in shouild hook up. Rockfish just outside the narrows on the SE side. Good luck!

    PS...Check any regs for native land issues.
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